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Kim Nesbitt Maureen Geisinger
McKayla W. Geisinger
December 20 1993 - March 19 2007

These are the pictures I took on that day at Pinkham Notch. It's all of them, not just the ones of McKayla. My goodness, it was so beautiful up there. We had a vote on which trail we would go on, either one going up to Brad's Bluff, where we ended up going, or to the bottom of Tuckerman's Ravine. I wanted to go to Tuckerman's SO badly, but in a vote, the group decided against it. (McKayla wanted to go to Brad's Bluff)


This was our group leader, Kelly. She was showing us the scratch marks on a tree probably made by a bear. McKayla was really interested, along with me and Nora in the tracks.


These were the people in our group Caroline, Catherine, Nora, Peter, Sumner, Alex, Senora Humphreys, and of course, me and McKayla!


This and the next 4 pictures were all taken at the end of our hike, the top was overlooking Wildcat Mountain, one of my favorite mountains where I had won third place in my first ski race! That was a totally awesome, and one of the first people back in Amherst I shared that with was McKayla, and she was so happy for me.


This was so beautiful


This and the next 2 are my favorite. The little white-ish sign says Brad's Bluff.


God, it was so beautiful. When we were at the top of our hike, our leader Kelly brought out snacks (nut trail mix and spicy trail mix). I was SO happy, because I was so hungry. After we had eaten everything, Kelly kinda got mad because there were nuts and spicy stuff laying all around the snow, and she told us to pick it all up. McKayla picked up the most, and ended up with snow in her pockets, and so did I, and it all melted on the way down. I was SO wet!


What makes me laugh was on the way down, Me, Senora Humphreys, McKayla, and Peter Foley were behind everyone else, but we could still hear Sumner singing "BK CHICKEN FRIES!" That made all four of us laugh, so Sumner made McKayla laugh for one of the last times.


This was the last picture I, or anyone took of McKayla. As you can see, she was having a TON of fun annoying me. I'm a photographer, and there is NOTHING that annoys me more than someone not letting me take their picture!



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