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Memorial created 04-16-2007 by
Kim Nesbitt Maureen Geisinger
McKayla W. Geisinger
December 20 1993 - March 19 2007

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04-24-2007 7:33 PM -- By: Emily Rego,  From:  

Mckayla my friends and i will always remember you. We think of you always!!!

04-24-2007 3:44 PM -- By: Moe Geisinger,  From:  

Such wonderful tributes to our McKayla ... we miss her ... we ache for her ...

We thank each and everyone of you for your kind memories and wonderful thoughts ...

They are such a great help to us.

04-24-2007 2:35 PM -- By: Leslie Turcotte,  From: Middlesex Community College  

My thoughts, prayers and saddness are with all of you. I never met McKayla but know her Aunt Colleen very well. Please know i keep her in my prayers. take care


04-24-2007 12:04 PM -- By: Colleen Winn,  From: New Boston  

I have been visiting this beautiful memorial for McKayla daily (sometimes a few times a day, when my heart can bear it.) And have been amazed, but not surprised at how much my niece McKayla has touched so many lives. The ripple effect is amazing. And I am honored and humbled to have been her Aunt. I thank her Mom, my beautiful and loving sister-- Moe, her Dad, my strong and amazing Brother-in-law--Greg, and my beautiful, loving, and loyal niece--Amanda, for giving me such a gift of being a part of the Geisinger's lives. The 13 years I have known KK have been magical. I think the incredible characteristics inherent in KK and Mandy are a tribute to their parents. I remember the day KK was born and from that day on I was absolutely IN-LOVE with her. She took my breath away! All my nieces are precious and Uncle Joe and I are grateful that our lives have been enriched with such gifts. KK was an "OLD SOUL" and I have so many happy, funny, or endearing memories of her as she graced this earth. She is missed by so many. I wish that we could have millions of hours more with McKayla. But, I feel with every beat of my heart that she is in a far better place. Our faith resounds that belief, but our humaneness makes us long for the ones who have been called home. I hope that her friends, class mates, team mates, and all of us left here to carry on, will remember KK's strong values, encouraging words, beautiful smile, and determination. I have learned not to take things for granted and to live each day as if it may be the last. KK was special and if we all take with us daily a piece of her warmth, kindness, and loving ways, the world will be a better place. I pray daily for Moe, Greg, and Mandy, and can only imagine how hard it must be to endure such a loss. I know how much KK meant to each of you. To paraphrase W.H. Auden: She was their [The Geisinger's] North, their South, their East, their West, their working week, their Sunday rest, their noon, their midnight, their talk, their song... She will be missed by soooo many, but she will never be forgotten! I LOVE YOU, KK. :-)

04-24-2007 10:06 AM -- By: Isabella,  From: Amherst  

Mr., Mrs., and Amanda Geisinger, You have had a great loss in your life, McKayla was my bestest friend. I got my colors on my braces changed to green and blue. She was more than a sister to Amanda, she was her best friend. Love, Isabella p.s. I miss you McKayla!!!

04-24-2007 8:38 AM -- By: Amanda Geisinger,  From: Mont Vernon, NH  

Hello everybody, This is to all of Kayla's friends! I just wanted to share some of Kayla's favorite things; like her favorite colors, and her favorite song. Favorit Colors:Green, Blue, Purple Favorite Song: "It's My Life", By Bon Jovi, also "Miracle" by Jon Bon Jovi Thats all i needed to say, so bye bye! I LOVE YOU KAYLA!!!!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

04-24-2007 8:27 AM -- By: Carol Fortin,  From: formerly of Mont Vernon, now Belfast, ME  

I used to volunteer at the Village School and knew many of the children. My son, Colin was in McKayla's sister's grade. I remember McKayla as a sweet, energetic, happy girl. My heartfelt sorrow goes out to all who knew her, and to her lovely family. We are better for having known her.

04-23-2007 9:33 PM -- By: Moe Geisinger,  From:  


Thank you for the wonderful tribute ... our families have always been close, but not as close as we are today.

Our days are long, our mornings and nights longest ... but with friends like the Poor's, God has blessed us.

Continue to keep us in prayer ... we have a very long road ahead of us ... and we just have so much sadness ... without our KK.

Our Love,

The Geisinger's

04-23-2007 9:32 PM -- By: The Shortt Family,  From: just down the road  

i will always fondly remember the many times I ran by the Geisinger's home, hearing the laughter as the girls played in the pool, Dad and his "opponents" playing a game of basketball, bikes, campers, soccer balls, and love....lots and lots of love.

04-23-2007 9:31 PM -- By: Mrs. G.,  From:  

Thank you Mrs. Dunn ... it is so kind of you to reach out to us ... in this site ... We all know our KK is just fine ... and isn't missing us ... we know that ... but as human's - we are missing her.

We thank you for all you have done for both our Angels ...

You are an inspiration ...

Always, The Geisinger's

04-23-2007 7:38 PM -- By: Mrs. Geisinger,  From:  

Hi Isabella and Ally:

Thank you so much for your tributes to our McKayla -- we all miss her .. each and everyone of us ... and she loved you ...

Keep us close in prayer, as we will also keep you in prayer.

Love Mrs. G.

04-23-2007 7:34 PM -- By: gretchen Dunn,  From:  

Everyday I drive to Mont Vernon I give McKayla a kiss on her picture and think of Amanda. I want Amanda to know that McKayla would want her to laugh and live and do crazy things. McKayla is watching her and wants her to live!!!!

04-23-2007 6:57 PM -- By: Amanda Geisinger,  From: Mont Vernon, NH  

I love you Kayla so much! I miss you so much! I love you!!!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOX

04-23-2007 6:00 PM -- By: Mrs. Geisinger,  From:  

Michelle C:

Thank you for your tribute to McKayla - although it saddens Mr. Geisinger and I that your class had to be a part of this horrible tragedy ... not only is it our family’s nightmare – but the class as well … and you are too young to have to bare such pain.

McKayla was our heaven on Earth, as well as her sister Amanda. They are just super awesome kids …. and it is terrible that we shall live the rest of our lives without her …

I hope you class continues to stay close … life is just too short … and everyone should be respected for who they are …

McKayla was awesome … and we miss her with every single beats of our hearts …

04-23-2007 5:49 PM -- By: Laurie Chamberlain,  From: Mont Vernon, NH  

The Chamberlain family sends their prayers to the Geisinger Family...may the beautiful memories of McKayla keep you strong.

04-23-2007 3:04 PM -- By: ,  From:  

KK, Come Back!!!

04-23-2007 1:46 PM -- By: Eileen Demers,  From: Strafford, NH  

Hello KK

Thinking of you and missing you. Erin had a nice birthday but it wasn't the same knowing that we on this earth would not celebrate another Birthday with you. You were the center of our day yesterday. The sad reality is that nothing will ever be the same without you in our lives. We miss you KK Love Aunty Eye

04-23-2007 11:45 AM -- By: Michelle Contos,  From: Amerst, NH  

Well, it's been a little over a month now. I can honestly say you will never ever be forgotten McKayla. I didn't know you well, but I still had some wonderful memories with you. I remember going to CCD with you, and I'll never forget playing soccer against you. I remember one time my coach was giving the team a pep talk and he pointed to you and said "Watch out for her. She is amazing." You unified our entire grade. For a while after that horrible day, there were no cliques, no populars, no losers, we were all just together in our grief. Everybody loves you and misses you, but we all know we'll see you again some day. Every night I hear in my head the scene that horrible morning at camp. We were all gathered together in one room (very symbolic of the way we would be afterwards) and Mr.Dodge stood up at the front and said "I know you were all very concerned about McKayla yesterday. It's my sad duty to inform you that McKayla passed away in the hospital last night." And the entire room burst into tears and screams, it all seemed so unreal!Before I go, I'll share some quotes that really helped me.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."

"In the words of Robert Frost, 'Nothing gold can stay.', McKayla was gold."

My deepest wishes go out to the Geisinger family, and I want them to know their perfect daughter will always be in the hearts of everyone.

04-23-2007 11:20 AM -- By: Roger Poor,  From: Mont Vernon  


You have given all of us a great gift!

I pray that all of us will honor it with your love, smile, heart and care in everything we do and give for others.

You and your family humble me for leading by example.

thank you thank you thank you McKayla!!

all my love,

Roger Poor

04-23-2007 11:11 AM -- By: Isabella,  From: Amherst  

I heard this quote the other day, and I want to share it with you all; “We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” That something was everything about her, her friendships, her loyalty, her gorgeous hair, her smile that brightened up any room she entered, and her amazing personality (that's only the start of the list). There's a song that I've also heard, "I Can Only Imagine", it's about what we can and can't do (imagined of course, because no one knows that is on Earth right now)when we're up in heaven with God and Jesus. Although she's not imagining anymore, she is happy, and we all know it. She probably didn't want to leave, but God is taking care of her, and us.

I miss her, and she did not die, she went to a better place. My friends and I will never ever ever forget McKayla.

I will always miss you McKayla #15.

~Isabella #14

04-22-2007 10:14 PM -- By: Ally,  From: Mont Vernon  

This Poem is called, Do not Weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep,I am not there, I do not sleep.I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glint on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush, I am the swift, uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circling flight. I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there, I do not sleep. (Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there, I did not die!)


Love, Ally I Love u KK

04-22-2007 9:58 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From: Tennessee  

May god bless you family,your daughter is just beautiful ,my father also hasa pge on here if you want too visit him his name is bill hagewood ,God bless you !!!

04-22-2007 7:07 PM -- By: Eilidh Gallien,  From: Mont Vernon, NH  

I love you KK

04-22-2007 1:14 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

McKayla, we miss you so much. We miss you with every beats of our hearts ...

You are the first one I say good morning to and the last one I say good night to. You are in our thoughts every waking hour. You were just such a great daughter.

I miss hearing you play the piano - asking me every morning what is for dinner ... and requesting broccoli bake. I miss your arms around me when you hugged me ... I miss you beautiful Eyes, your gorgeous hair (that you hated), and incredible smile. I just miss everything about you ... and will be sad all the rest of my days ... because a little piece of heaven is no longer with us .. you.

You made us so proud ... and the nightare of you no longer being a part of us here on earth is at times, just too much.

I love you KK.

04-21-2007 10:53 PM -- By: Candee Noorda,  From: New Hampshire  

McKayla, we think about you every day. We love you soooo much. You have been so good to all my kids and you and Amanda and your mom and dad are like our family. I love your smile, your sweet spirit and kind heart. Kaelee misses you and your bike rides, but she knows that she will see her dear friend again someday. I love and miss you so much. Love Candee

04-21-2007 1:49 PM -- By: Eileen Demers,  From: Strafford, NH  

It is Aunty Eye again visting this beautiful Memorial site. I really miss you KK. I vistit the site sometimes twice a day. It will be Erin's 15th Birthday Monday and even though it is suppose to be a happy time for us it is not the same since you have left us for heaven. We celebrated so many birthdays together and had so many happy times. I miss you and love you and Mom and Dad and Mandy. Love Your Godmother

04-21-2007 7:44 AM -- By: Nikki Mitchell,  From:  

McKayla was loved and still is. She will be greatly missed and will never be forgotten. She was a great defence player and the goalies, including me, really appreciated her help. She was always smiling. And of course a great friend. We love her very much....


04-20-2007 6:11 PM -- By: Aimee,  From: Georgia  

I am a vistor from Catholic Answers and I have been reading about you. McKayla you are a a sweet young person I can tell...I know how much your family loves you and misses you.

I will remember you and your family in prayer.

04-20-2007 4:49 PM -- By: Ally,  From: Movt Vernon  

I was McKayla's best friend for these last few years, and she was nothing but wonderful to me. She had a beautiful smile, and her face lit up a room. What was it that made you want to keep talking? What made you want to Say some? Was it her personality, her hair? It was every single little thing about her. I Loved her, and will love her forever. I love you KK- Love, Ally-LL

04-20-2007 4:31 PM -- By: Nora,  From:  

WE all miss you McKayla!


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