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Memorial created 04-16-2007 by
Kim Nesbitt Maureen Geisinger
McKayla W. Geisinger
December 20 1993 - March 19 2007

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05-06-2007 7:52 PM -- By: sara,  From: New Hampshire  

The Friday before vacation our team stayed after to donate the money to McKayla's fund. A couple days after one of the parents said there had been an ASC bag left, she asked everyone and no one claimed it. So finally our coach looked through the bag and she saw the initails M.G. on a hair brush, the bag belonged to McKayla. Our coach said that was the McKayla thanking us for donating to her fund. Now our team has formed an award that is given out at the end of each game, The McKayla Geisinger award. This award is given out to the person that played the most like McKayla, aggressive, never giving up, and finally giving 110% through out the whole game

05-06-2007 3:22 PM -- By: James,  From:  

You are in my prayers, Geisinger family, as his your dear daughter. My deepest condolences for your tragic loss.

05-06-2007 1:49 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Sitting in your room Wishing you were here How I long to see your smile…. That I haven’t seen for awhile,

I open your drawers And stare at your clothes I look at your bed, Where you once lay your head.

Now all we have are memories Of the way it used to be,

I would do anything To have you back with me…..

I love you KK ... Mommy

05-06-2007 1:41 PM -- By: Mommy,  From: Mont Vernon, NH  

Longing For One More Day "An Irish Prayer"

When we lose someone we love it seems that time stands still. What moves through us is a silence... a quiet sadness... A longing for one more day... one more word... one more touch... We may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget. We will see you again some day, in a heavenly place where there is no parting. A place where there are no words that mean good-bye

WE LOVE YOU KK ... and miss you terribly ... although we know that you are basking in the SON ...


05-05-2007 9:31 PM -- By: ,  From:  

ordinary world by katharine mcphee

The sun can't remember how to shine And the colors all have faded into shades of gray There's no life in this hollow heart of mine Ever since you went away

Close your eyes and feel me hold you Can you lead me through this ordinary world Let the sky cry, restless rain to wash away the miles Between us, 'cause without you it's just an ordinary world

If time could find a way to turn around I would walk along the stars, till I was back at your door Every word, every word is spoken but without a sound And I found out what my heart is for

Close your eyes and feel me hold you Can you lead me through this ordinary world

Let the sky cry, restless rain to wash away the miles Between us, 'cause without you it's just an ordinary world

Hold your breath, here I come Down the road unwinding back, to your arms Till we melt Underneath the blinding sun

Can't remember how to shine You're the life in this hollow heart of mine

Close your eyes and feel me hold you Can you lead me through this ordinary world Let the sky cry, restless rain to wash away the miles between us 'Till love can come redeem us 'cause without you It's just an ordinary World

05-05-2007 8:32 PM -- By: Erin Demers,  From: Strafford, NH  

i love you kk. miss youu soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. xoxoxoxoxoxo

05-03-2007 8:51 PM -- By: Jenna,  From: nh  

We miss you so much McKayla3

Love, your p.2 spanish class

05-03-2007 7:50 PM -- By: AnLi,  From: down [or up, i dunno which] the street  

Wow. I just found out bout this site today.

McKayla, i miss you sooo much. Im just glad i got to spend your last day with you. It was soo much fun on the bus even tho we bolth sorta got bus sick. Playing the ipod song game and hangman with u and Jessi was fun. I wouldnt have wanted to go to canp with anyone else. I will miss having you and Amanda come on sunday mornings and pick up the horse poo. Even tho Hugo is your fave, i still think hes a dork. I also will miss our sleepovers, parties, and sailing. I miss you in ss and math, i have no friends in either subjects anymore so i usually jsut sit alone in ss. Its boring without u trying to color on my papers. Mckayla i love you and miss you soo much. My prayers are with your family. Love your bff AnLi, blowfish, and all those other names you called me. O and amanda i will try to find out when u can come over to ride. hopefully soon

05-03-2007 4:44 PM -- By: Isabella,  From: Amherst  

I still cry every night, thinking what she could have been, thinking about all of the memories I have with her..... I just can't help but cry, she was just a beautiful girl and my best friend. ~Izzy

05-03-2007 3:59 PM -- By: me,  From:  

we will forever miss you Rip mckayla

05-03-2007 3:44 PM -- By: madison king,  From:  

hey we care so much for her and we loved her all if only there was a way to get her baby i would try with all my might but shes in a better place now so we sould be happy for her

05-03-2007 2:03 PM -- By: Auntie Coe,  From: New Boston, NH  

I know how we all miss K.K. It has been six weeks and it seems as if we just found out yesterday. A few weeks ago Amanda and I were out milking their goat Mia. Mandy was trying to give me, the city slicker, a lesson in Goat Milking. I failed terribly. But, we laughed and giggled. Amanda was silly and put the bucket over her head (before the milk was in it! Of course!). I believe KK was watching over us, getting a chuckle. I am going to learn how to milk Mia, I will give it that determination KK put into things! KK tried to teach me how to play the piano. She was so patient and sincere as she was teaching me the basics. She would say, "Good, that is very good". So encouraging and geniune. She was sweet, loving, and kind. I can understand what her teacher said about how she understood facetious comments. She was precocious! I remember when we moved into our house in New Boston and I showed her our new furniture. It is white and we have a frilly flowered comforter. I commented that it was kind of "girlie girlie" and she said, "yes it is, and Uncle Joe is okay with that?" KK taught me some lessons, as it is apparent that she taught so many lessons with so many people who knew her. I try to think of happy memories, as it gets me through the tough times. I miss KK, and boy do I miss her hugs. She gave the best hugs. She put her heart and soul into those hugs. I feel KK everywhere. I miss her to pieces mieces. And love all my nieces to pieces. KK's Mom, Dad, and Sissy remain faithfully in my thoughts and prayers. Auntie Coe XOXOXOXO

05-02-2007 7:50 PM -- By: Lauren Weinstock,  From: AMS 7th grade, Mrs.HInrichs homeroom  

Dear Mr. and Mrs Geisinger,

I am deeply sorry. I may not have knew her well, but we were classmates and had lockers next to each other. She was (and still is) VERY special girl. Se had a deep connection with many people, and may my hope pass on to you, that she is in Heaven. ThankYou. 3

05-02-2007 7:26 PM -- By: Sonja (Tweety),  From: Australia  

Dearest Moe,Greg and Amanda,

No words can describe how you must be feeling - your grief, pain, loss and emptiness.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful McKayla with us. I feel as if i know you all just a little bit when i read the tributes and look at the photos. What an extraordinary girl she was and what an extraordinary family you are..

I send you my heartfelt sympathy and prayers as a mother and CAF friend, that one day you will be able to smile and sing again....

May God shine his guiding light upon you all and heal your wounds.

God Bless you all.

05-02-2007 5:43 PM -- By: Ally L,,  From: Mont Vernon, NH  

Oh, McKayla, You were so beautiful, I fell so bad for the days I couldn't come over, I feel bad for all the things I was embarrassed to say to you, I miss you so much. You are the most beautiful friend a person could ever meet. You are amazing, and I love you. Love, LL (Ally)

05-02-2007 11:12 AM -- By: Eileen Demers,  From: Strafford, NH  

I miss you KK very much. I just thought I would include this in the Memorial to help all of you who are dealing with the loss of McKayla

I'll lend you for a little while a child of mine " God said, " for you to love the while she lives and mourn for when she's dead. It may be two or three short years or twenty two or thirty but will you till I call her back take care of her for me?

She'll bring her charms to gladden you and should her stay be brief; you'll have her lovely memories as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise she will stay since all from earth return but there are lessons taught down there I want this child to learn.

I've looked the wide world over in my search for teacher's true and from the throngs that crowd life's lanes I have selected you.

Now will you give her all your love? Nor think the labor vain? Nor hate me when I come to call to take her back again?

God fancied her he heard the parents say " Dear Lord thy will be done for all the joy a child shall bring, the risk of grief I'll run."

I'll shelter her with tenderness. I'll love her while I may and for the hapinness I've known forever grateful I'll stay.

But should the angels call for her much sooner than I planned, I'll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand.


05-02-2007 9:36 AM -- By: MEHRY GAST,  From: KNOXVILLE,TENNESSEE  


05-02-2007 1:24 AM -- By: Lori Hilker,  From: Nebraska  

I learned of McKayla's passing and this site while on the Catholic Answers Forums. What a gift this young lady was to the world! She loved and was loved, and touched more lives than anyone on earth will ever know. I pray that you-her family and her friends - will receive comfort and healing as you try to figure out how to move forward in your lives. The arms of the Body of Christ are holding you tightly!

05-01-2007 10:00 PM -- By: MOE GEISINGER,  From: Mont Vernon, NH  

Just to let everyone know how much of a comfort this site is for us ... to see so many beautiful things said about our angel ... it is so therapeutic....

Please get this out to everyone you know ... so they can share in telling us how KK made a difference in their lives.

Thank you too, to her wonderful teachers who sponsored this site ... You are so generous.

Love - The Geisinger's (I still can't write our names without KK listed)

We miss her with every beat of our hearts ... and although we know she is so much happier ... and isn't missing us ... we just miss everything about her. We feel blessed to have her for the 13 years we did --- but feel cheated ... for we don't know what she could have been.

05-01-2007 9:24 PM -- By: Mary,  From: Gretna, Louisiana  

McKayla what a beautiful child. I know that she is with our Lord in the place we all long to be. I will keep all of you in my prayers and ask Saint Therese the Little Flower to say special prayers for all of you. God bless all of you. Mary Grisaffi Gretna, Louisiana

05-01-2007 7:05 PM -- By: Nora,  From:  

McKayla we will forever love and miss you!

05-01-2007 3:14 PM -- By: Karl Erickson,  From: Salem, Oregon  

I am so sorry about your loss. Know that our prayers are with you and your family.

05-01-2007 2:53 PM -- By: Nora,  From: Amherst  

I didn't know McKayla very well, but she sat next to me in Spanish class. I remember that she would always share all her materials with me, when I forgot mine. Then later at camp, I said that I was hungry, she then took out a bag of chips and shared them with me. McKayla will never be forgotton

05-01-2007 10:05 AM -- By: Krisyt,  From:  

this story tuched me

04-30-2007 9:25 PM -- By: Kim,  From:  

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, etc. to Mrs. Hinrich and Mrs. Curran for sponsoring this website. It would have shut down today, there was nothing I could do, and they offered to sponsor it so McKayla could be remembered forever. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~Kim~

04-30-2007 6:28 PM -- By: Patti M.,  From: Amherst  

Amanda - your poem "My Sissy" is a beautiful tribute to your love for McKayla. Thank you also for your other postings that help us all get to know her better. Your pain and your strength show in every word. She was very blessed to be your "Sissy". I think of you often and will continue to keep you in my prayers.

04-30-2007 4:10 PM -- By: Amanda Geisinger,  From: Mont Vernon, NH  

My Sissy

Her face lit up Like the 4th of July

A sweet smile From ear to ear

She brought a ray of sunshine Wherever she went

Her beautiful face Happy and kind

Her Best Friend, Me And mine, Her

I went here, She went with me

She went there, I went with her

I love her, She loves me

I’m her Sissy, And she is mine

I love K.K.!

-Amanda Geisinger

04-30-2007 4:08 PM -- By: Amanda Geisinger,  From: Mont Vernon, NH  

Kayla you are so special to me, and that will never end. You are my best Friend, forever and for always! I love you, and i miss you so much! Love, Sissy

04-30-2007 2:50 PM -- By: Deb Curran,  From: Amherst, NH  

Dear Moe, Greg and Amanda,

How McKayla is missed. I find that I am still filled with deep sadness and loneliness for the wonderful seventh grader that touched us all so deeply. I remember Greg at Home Goods with the girls when they were little and thinking what lovely, beautiful, spirited little tykes they were and telling Greg that I hoped I'd have them in seventh grade. Well, half my wish came true when McKayla came through my door this year. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to have known her. She always had a smile on her face and was so unassuming but there was a special grace about her and a quiet confidence and strength. When I'd say something facetious, she would get it right away and her face would light up. I would say something silly about Jack, my grandson, comparing the kids in some way and look at McKayla and see a grin break out immediately. McKayla will always be in my prayers and in my thoughts. Our language does not have words to really describe how precious she was. I hope that hearing from people lets you know that we, too, recognize her as the gift to our world that she was. Seeing you, Amanda, and the strength you show to all of us makes me think that through you McKayla is trying to tell us she is at peace. You are a remarkable young lady and I love seeing you. McKayla's spirit shines through you! Love to all, Deb C.

04-30-2007 10:05 AM -- By: MOMMY,  From: MONT VERNON, NH  

It is six weeks today that you went to be with Jesus.

We miss you so very much ... and the pain is as great as the first day you left.

We love you McKayla .. and we miss you ... our life will never be the same.

I love you honey.



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