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Memorial created 04-16-2007 by
Kim Nesbitt Maureen Geisinger
McKayla W. Geisinger
December 20 1993 - March 19 2007

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06-07-2007 6:34 PM -- By: michelle contos,  From: amherst  

Hey McKayla, we have our chorus concert tonight. we're dedicating Seasons of Love to you. i know you'll be watching us.

06-07-2007 3:02 PM -- By: Elly,  From:  


I miss you sooooooooooooo much. You were such a wonderful friend. Thinking of you always and sending prayers. I love you Elly

06-06-2007 8:31 PM -- By: ,  From:  

the jazz band played today, once at wilkins and once at the band concert. we miss our beautiful pianist, but at least you are in a better place now, playing piano for the angels

06-06-2007 7:48 PM -- By: Isabella,  From:  


Same as Andie said, for me. I miss you sooooooooooo much, you are my BFF!! I don't understand why God took you away from us though, you were special to everyone.

See you another day,


06-06-2007 4:51 PM -- By: Andie,  From: mont vernon  

McKayla~ I miss you more than anything in the world! You meant so much to me, and so many others. You were such a kind, loving friend, and you will never be forgotten in my heart or anyone else's. I wait for the day that I see your beautiful face again. Until then, I love you, McKayla!

06-06-2007 3:48 PM -- By: Elly,  From: Mont Vernon  

Mckayla, you will be for ever in my heart. You were beautiful and sunny! every day i was so glad to see your smiling face. I am sad everyday and wish you were here with me. But i know you are in a better place looking down at us. someday, i will meet you again. love elly

06-06-2007 3:46 PM -- By: Elly,  From: Mont Vernon  

Mckayla, you will be for ever in my heart. You were beautiful and sunny! every day i was so glad to see your smiling face. I am sad everyday and wish you were here with me. But i know you are in a better place looking down at us. someday, i will meet you again. love elly

06-06-2007 3:27 PM -- By: Isabella,  From:  


I miss you SO much! I miss seeing you in the halls. I remember when we were doing our World Awareness Project and you, me, and Anli sat next to each other. It was so much fun! I also remember those soccer games when we were warming up. I'd always mess up and pass it too far or too short, and I felt bad that you had to go run and get it. You were the perfect friend anyone could have.


06-06-2007 3:25 PM -- By: lexi mello,  From: asc  

I never really got to know McKayla but with few moments i had with her i thought she was the nicest person i ever met. I wish i had a chance to get to know her more.

06-06-2007 12:27 PM -- By: Mary Ireland,  From:  

Thinking of you and remembering you and your family each day! Much love, The Irelands

06-05-2007 11:01 PM -- By: Claudette,  From: Mont Vernon  

McKayla--you are so missed still! We just played in the Amherst Soccer Tourney last weekend---it was dedicated to your memory. Ceara and Isabella joined us just for the tourney because they wanted to play in your memory. But we really needed you too back there on defense, KK! You inspired the girls last fall, and you continue to do so. We have a "McKayla Award" at the end of each game---given to the girl who played most like you---who gave it her all, played 110%, and played for the love of the game, not the score. The girls are honored to be awarded the "McKayla Award". We like to think you watch each of our games and are cheering for us from above---and we sure could use some help from above some days! You are loved and remembered by all us girls. Thanks for being part of the team, KK. I think of you so often. Love forever, Coach Stone

06-05-2007 10:58 PM -- By: Nancy Bannon,  From: New Hampshire  

McKayla was one of my daughters dearest friends. She was one of the sweetest kids I knew. I will always remember her smile and positive attitude. I wish she was here.

06-05-2007 8:45 PM -- By: Erin,  From: strafford, nh  

miss you kk. everyday. i love you so much.

06-05-2007 7:48 PM -- By: Nora,  From: Amherst  

Remeber when we did the hearts of jello at camp? Well Kim and I were going to tell you that it didn't freeze, but, I guess now that you're an angel you know otherwise.

That was SOOO fun, and by the way, that was my idea after i knew the ambulance was coming, i told nora we were going to tell her that. LOL


06-05-2007 7:21 PM -- By: paige,  From: mont vernon  

oh, McKayla, I miss you SOOOO much!!!!! I miss eating lunch with you and seeing your smile in the hall every day! I miss you during spanish! I miss you all the time! I love you so much!!!!!!!!! One of my only comforts is that I know I'll see you again someday. You taught me not to live every day like it is my last, like many people say, but to live each day like it is my first, and ever since you went to heaven, that is what I've tried to do. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!

To the Geisingers: If there is anything I can do to help you through this horrible time, PLEASE let me know. I pray for you every night. I think about McKayla all the time, and I visit her as often as I can. I'll ALWAYS remember her.

06-05-2007 6:06 PM -- By: Patti M.,  From: Amherst  

The new pictures are beautiful Kim and quite a tribute to your friend McKayla. I hope the fact that McKayla was happy and having fun on the hike will bring some peace to her family. Thank you again for creating this website for everyone to visit and remember McKayla's beauty-inside and out.

06-05-2007 5:28 PM -- By: Elly,  From:  

We will all love Mckayla forever

06-05-2007 4:15 PM -- By: ,  From:  

One day at a time Is all I can bear If I can make it through this day Then I can look back tomorrow And know that I am strong Even in my weakness And sometimes being weak Is the only way I can be, at all...

06-04-2007 1:03 PM -- By: Robert,  From: Indiana  

I can't imagine the emotions you must have felt. I will pray for you and your family.

06-04-2007 8:49 AM -- By: ,  From:  

In the midst of suffering, it can be difficult to see the love of God in our lives. But when I look back on trying times in my life, I can see the precious gifts God bestowed on me during those times of doubt and sadness.

This week’s second reading tells us that our “affliction produces endurance, and endurance, proven character, and proven character, hope.” Even in our trials, God loves us and holds out gifts of the Spirit. Let us open wide the doors to Christ and the gift of His Holy Spirit.

06-03-2007 7:11 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Hi Honey:

Just got back from visiting you - we go once (I try twice) a day ... tomorrow is 11 weeks and it feels like an eternity that we haven't seen your beautiful self ..

Aching is constant ... there is always a cloud of sadness enveloping us.

We love you xoxoxo

06-02-2007 5:44 PM -- By: Marissa,  From: Amherst  

McKayla, I can't believe you're not here anymore! Remember when we were partners during the silly games we played in soccer? That was so fun, and it won't be the same without you as a partner. Did you see the whole team crying during your funeral? We all miss you very much, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

06-02-2007 4:49 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

KK, we ache for you xoxoox

06-01-2007 7:24 PM -- By: Isabella,  From:  


I miss you so much! We were playing soccer this past weekend, and I broke my leg! (actually it was the other person who fell on me) I was going to visit that day, but I was having a hard time getting around. I will visit you a.s.a.p.


06-01-2007 10:07 AM -- By: Amy K. Hoscheit,  From: Minnesota  

Moe and family

My prayers go out to the Lord for you and your family in this difficult time.


05-30-2007 11:33 PM -- By: Jesse Hernandez,  From: Yokota Air Base Japan  

To the entire Geisinger family,

We're so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. Your entire family is in our prayers. I will pray fervently for her at Mass this Sunday.

Remember the harder the struggle, the sweeter the reward! Be strong in your faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ!

She is in the absolute best place to be, in our Lord's loving arms.

In Christ,

Jesse, Minako, Paul, Rey, Tino, and Olivia

05-30-2007 7:58 PM -- By: ,  From:  


I think of you often, and remember you in prayer. I ask the Lord to help you with the burdens you must bear. If he doesn't remove your burdens, he'll carry them for you. So, be encouraged, for he's promised this to do. I also ask the Lord to bless you, and to meet your every need, and to help you read his Word, and to give it earnest heed. Yes, I think of you often, and I remember you in prayer. And I want to challenge you to cast on God your care. Now I ask you to pray for me, for I am needy, too. And as we pray for each other, great things God will do!

05-30-2007 10:28 AM -- By: Ruth Clark,  From: Middlesex Community College  

McKayla has touched many lives, and her memory and spirit will live forever in the hearts and minds of all who knew her, knew about her, or know those who love her.

05-29-2007 5:56 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

This space is with me all the time it seems. Sometimes the empty space is so real I can almost touch it. I can almost see it. It gets so big sometimes that I can't see anything else. - Arnold and Gemma 1983, 56

05-29-2007 1:54 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Missing you so much KK. So very much :(


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