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Memorial created 04-16-2007 by
Kim Nesbitt Maureen Geisinger
McKayla W. Geisinger
December 20 1993 - March 19 2007

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10-25-2007 12:37 AM -- By: Randy Ariey,  From: CAF  

Hi Moe,keep a watch out for the daily miracles that God is giving you, to help you get through the day. Yell out for help, often, through out the day and watch things move. And remember love grows "even" in absence.McKayla knows why she was taken; we just need to take heart and trust because we cannot understand. God Bless. Randy stay strong and cry out!

10-24-2007 12:01 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Hi Baby Girl:

Real tough day today - I was reading other sites and came across this poem. Just wanted to share it.

Missing you with every breathe ....

If Roses grow in Heaven,Lord please pick a bunch for me,Place then in my daughter's arms and tell her they're from me.

Tell her that I love and miss her,and when she turns to smile Place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for awhile

Because remebering her is easy,I do it everyday,but there's an ache within my heart that will never go away.

10-24-2007 10:15 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Scripture: For I will turn their mourning into joy, and comfort them. and make them rejoice with their sorrow. Jeremiah 31:13

A poem:

Why, God, why? Why did you create a precious child to die? Why did you give the promise, the hope, Then leave me here to cry?

Why did you give us her to love For such a blink in time? And why, if you had to take a child, Why did it have to be mine?

I ask the same question each mother would ask Who's ever said good-bye. We can't understand why we must remain, When a child of ours must fly.

For the mothers of babies who've lost to disease, Or accident or something more, For moms of the prom queen who didn't come home, Or a soldier son lost in a war, For grandma's whose children Have kids of their own, But their years are counted as too few, I ask for all mothers who've lost one of theirs, The question we all ask of you.

I think I'm beginning to understand the limits of my own sight. And how it could be the gift of this child Was just a glimpse of your light.

For you made this child not just for the days that i carried her within me, You made her to live beyond earthly hours...

For all eternity.

10-23-2007 7:57 PM -- By: Ashley Silva,  From: Amherst  

hey girlie.... you are terribly missed. i happen to be looking through a bunch of old pictures and you cheerleading picture came up and a huge smile just came to my face, you always had a way of doing that to everyone who crossed your path. were a beautiful ray of sunshine when you were on this earth, so make sure you continue it up in heaven for us. i miss you terribly my little cheerleading buddy lots of loves ~ashley

10-23-2007 6:25 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Hello God, I called tonight To talk a little while I need a friend who'll listen To my anxiety and trial.

You see, I can't quite make it Through a day just on my own... I need your love to guide me, So I'll never feel alone.

I want to ask you please to keep, My family safe and sound. Come and fill their lives with confidence For whatever fate they're bound.

Give me faith, dear God, to face Each hour throughout the day, And not to worry over things I can't change in any way.

I thank you God, for being home And listening to my call, For giving me such good advice When I stumble and fall..

Your number, God, is the only one That answers every time. I never get a busy signal, Never had to pay a dime.

So thank you, God, for listening To my troubles and my sorrow. Good night, God, I love You, too, And I'll call again tomorrow!

P.S. Please bless all my friends and family too.

10-23-2007 3:00 PM -- By: MOMMY,  From:  

Hi Beautiful:

As I left visiting you this morning before work - I saw the most beautiful sun ... huge red and fire orange. I thought to myself, I bet my baby girl sees that and so much more.

Loving you honey - missing you terribly as always .... xoxoxoxoxoxo

With every breathe I take.

Love you .....Mommy

10-22-2007 8:15 AM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Thrity-one weeks without you honey --- it is hell. Today is one day closer to being with you.

SHINE YOUR LIGHT ON US Honey - please come and visit me. You did Aunty Eye .... can't you come and visit me :(

Loving you and missig you with every breathe we take. We ALL miss you.

Fr. Don said the noon time Mass for you yesterday - it was beatiful and soooo emotional. They asked us to bring up the gifts ... I am not quite sure how I was able to do that ... I was crying all through Mass.

Life is so very hard honey --- Daddy and I sat out on the stoop last night just wondering why us? Of course people might say - why not us?

Give Papa Tom and Nana Rabey a hug for me - would you ....

I miss you honey - I literally ache for you ---- there is such a huge whole in my heart. xoxoxoxoo

10-21-2007 9:16 PM -- By: Elly Bannon,  From: Mont Vernon  

Hi KK,

I visited you today, Everything looks so pretty. I left you a little note, a yellow candle, and some orange flowers. I was just remembering last fall about this time, I came to your house and spent the night. We carved pumkins together and got the pumkin goo everywhere! We laughed so much. We stayed up late watching Monster House, (I think we watched it twice)there was this one scary part where you, Amanda and I all yelled and jumped about a foot in the air, then we could not stop laughing! It seems like yesterday. I think of you all the time and wish you were here, but I know I will see you again someday.

Love Elly xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

10-20-2007 4:22 PM -- By: Alexis Keable,  From:  

Hi McKayla! I am missing you terribely. I wish you could be here. When we went to camp I thought about you all the time. It was really fun! I wish you were there. I pray for your family always and I hope you will say hi to my great grandfather for me.

Love, Alexis K.

10-20-2007 4:12 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Hi Beautiful:

Stopped by and did some cleanup at your grave today after Mandy got out of work at Mac Hill. Daddy takes such good care of you honey .... he brings the mower over once a week ... even though we have perpetual mowing ....We got rid of the flowers that were dying ... and we will plant them in your garden at home ... hopefully to bloom in the spring.

Missing you honey - terribly ... loving you with every heart beat.

The noon time mass tomorrow is going to be said in your honor .... Aunty Eye and Erin and Uncle Joe and Aunty Coe will be attending and we will have dinner after ...

Loving you so much my beautiful girl ... LIFE HAS FOREVER CHANGED ... and it is not for the best! :( SHINE YOUR LIGHT ON US HONEY XOXOXOXO

10-19-2007 10:55 PM -- By: Alison Sparre,  From: Sacramento, CA  

Lovely girl...it is so hard for your family and friends without you, especially your mom. I look at your picture and know that you are even more beautiful and perfect now than you were then. More alive and happy than even on your best days here. I rejoice for you and cling to that blessed hope that all who are left behind have been promised: "We shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is." (1 John 3:2)

10-19-2007 5:37 PM -- By: Maggieodae,  From:  

Happy 7 month anniversary in heaven McKayla. I know you are smiling down on your family and sending them love and prayers.

They miss you so very much.

10-19-2007 4:14 PM -- By: IndyAnn,  From:  

Dear Blessed Mother, Mc Kayla's mother is grieving so. Please comfort her in her sorrow. You, who have known the loss of the Most Precious Child, please send graces to this griving mother. May she remember her daughter for the joys she brought to her and lessen the sadness that her leaving has caused. Amen

10-19-2007 4:12 PM -- By: Princess_Abby from CAF,  From:  

My prayers are with your family, McKayla. They miss you so much, every day, and my heart breaks for them.

I pray they find healing in Him.

10-19-2007 9:14 AM -- By: ,  From:  

7 month Anniversary .... missing you - one day closer to you my love bug.


10-18-2007 4:14 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Hi Beautiful:

Getting ready to take a walk with Mrs.Noorda ... missing you - so many people are missing you so much.

I ache for you honey.

Loving you,


10-18-2007 12:52 PM -- By: ,  From:  

I will miss you until I see you again one day. Until then….take care of my heart….

10-17-2007 11:46 AM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Hi Baby Girl:

I got an email from someone today and in it the woman said ... you are a mother of a saint. Made me cry -- because you surely are a saint ... anyone who is in heaven is a saint - but you got to get to heaven before you can call youself a saint.

Shine your light on us honey --- PLEASE ... missing you with every breathe xoxoxoxo

10-16-2007 1:18 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Walk in love, just as Christ loved you and gave Himself up for you, an offering and a sacrifice to God, a fragrant aroma. Ephesians 5:2

Oh Lord, you promised us no burden more than we can bear. But Lord, How can I bear it? This burden of despair? How can I carry this great grief that shreds my very heart? How can I bear this sorrow that tears my soul apart? Lord, I do not understand why things like this can be. I know that you love each of us...i know that you love me. Lord, I can't do this on my own. I know that I need you. And though I don't know how or where, I know you'll see me through. I know that if i stumble, or even if i fall, You'll lift me up and dust me off and you'll carry it all.


10-15-2007 10:30 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Another day without you :(

10-14-2007 6:23 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

One day closer to you my beautiful girl. We are missing you terribly.

Shine your light on us honey ... I love you .... we love you ... many love you xoxoxoxoxo Mumsie

10-13-2007 11:21 AM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Good Morning Baby Girl:

What a beautiful day today is - your favorite type of day. Fall is here and definately in the air. Many wants me to make a pie ... never cared for them before, I believe a bit of your spirit has moved in with hers. She misses you so much - her best friend.

Already went to see you this AM ... Mrs. Stamp and I took our 6 mile walk this AM at 6:30. You need more flowers ... the mum's aren't doing too good so I will clean that up for you. Your spot is so beautiful.

Daddy and Amanda are opening the camper for the first time since you were with us .... we are going to sell it because we can't bare to use it without you ... Daddy said that all your feather's from you down-comforter are on you and Amanda's bed (I can't bring myself to go into it).

You have your comforter with you baby girl ... to keep you warm ... and also Eeyore and Spike the goat AnLi gave you when Spike passed away. And a few other things your friends put in you casket so a piece of them could be with you.

We will be seeing Ally and her mom and dad tonight ... looking forward to that ...

Honey, loving you with every breathe and I know you are so much happier there than you could ever be here ... at least that is what our faith tells us ....

We are tired honey - exhausted from missing you. Can't you please come to me in my dreams honey ... please ... I really need you to.

Loving you with every piece of my heart.

xoxoxoxoxo Mommy

10-12-2007 6:20 AM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

You didn't come :(

xoxo mommy

10-11-2007 11:08 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  


I am so lonely for you. I am begging God to let you come and visit me in my dreams ... The pain is so bad at times I am just not concentrating ....

Honey help us. We miss everything about you ....

I came home late from and wasn't able to do my nightly visit ... perhaps that is why I so emotional right now.

I love you honey ... I love you so much .... how are we going to be able to live without you.

I can't even begin to imagine ever feeling happiness like we had before - and we won't I know.

I am missing you with every breath and thought I take and make.

Come and visit me honey - oK? PLEASE!

I will stop by in the AM ... xoxoxoxo Loving you more than anything.


10-11-2007 2:31 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Quotable Quote

"Work as if you were to live a hundred years, pray as if you were to die tomorrow." -Benjamin Franklin

10-10-2007 7:55 PM -- By: anna lee,  From:  

hi! i just wanted to let you know that i'm still thinking of mckayla and the sadness your family must be going through. i pray for you and for her every day. i always check this website to see if everything is going okay for you. thank you for being such a kind family.

10-10-2007 5:57 PM -- By: ,  From:  


Remembrance is a golden chain Death tries to break, but all in vain.

To have, to love, and then to part Is the greatest sorrow of one's heart.

The years may wipe out many things But some they wipe out never. Like memories of those happy times When we were all together.

Authur Unknown

10-09-2007 5:44 PM -- By: Amy Knowlton,  From:  

We miss you Mckayla, and always will. You will remain in our hearts and in our thoughts for the rest of our lives.

10-09-2007 3:26 PM -- By: Terry,  From: Loving Arms Support Group  

Moe, I posted a comment at the newpaper posting but it doesn't look like it appears. So here it is again.

What a wonderful way to remember McKayla with the appletree. May the birds that perch on its branches sing you songs from McKayla. May its blossoms remind you of her beautiful face. May the apples it produces remind you of all the wonderful times you shared and remind you of all the wonderful qualities she possessed that made her your dessert in life.


10-08-2007 8:47 AM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Hi my beautiful baby girl:

Well the Mont Vernon / Amherst Brownie-Girl Scout troops got together and purchase you a MacIntosh Apple Tree in memory of your life.

Honey - it was so beautiful. We might even get fruit next year. I told everyone how you loved to make pies and could make them better than me. I hope Amanda will learn to carry on our secret family recipe.

Mrs. Dean also gave us the quilt that you and Amanda's troop put together for the Mont Vernon Inn. I still can't stop crying about that ... Daddy is going to have it 'preserved' and framed. It has your beautiful signature on it ... three - D.

Missing you honey - so very much ... sadness abounds.

How are we going to continue without you.

Loving you, oxoxoxo Mommy


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