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Memorial created 04-16-2007 by
Kim Nesbitt Maureen Geisinger
McKayla W. Geisinger
December 20 1993 - March 19 2007

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12-20-2011 9:49 PM -- By: Randy,  From: Bakersfield Calif  

Happy Birthday KK, I know you and Jason are eternal freinds. I can only imagine how beautiful you look in heaven. I will continue to always be there for your mama and daddy. Love you always, Randy

12-20-2011 10:45 AM -- By: Julia,  From: WI  

You will forever be loved, remembered and missed.

12-20-2011 10:16 AM -- By: Greg Smith,  From: El Cajon, CA  

I was wandering around VM, visiting the kids and came to McKayla and have stayed awhile getting to know her  -  I'm so sorry for your loss and all the pain and greif her passing caused.  My boy was 13 when he was killed and although it was a long time ago - the pain is never far from the surface and the longing continues.  What a beautiful girl she is and I know how big a hole she left in the house -- I wanted you to know that someone stopped by, got to know her a little and is thinking of KK tonight.  Greg   Erik's dad.

12-11-2011 4:06 PM -- By: Randy,  From: California  

Hi KK, tell Jason I love him so much! I miss you both. Your parents are doing ok KK, your mom is getting ready for Christmas. She and your dad are doing better. Bye for a short time. LOVE YOU. and TELL Jason I love him too! Randy

11-21-2011 6:10 AM -- By: Randy,  From: Calif  

Hi KK, have fun with Jason. Tell him I love him. I love you too KK. Pray for your mama and daddy and sissy and the whole family. I will be back soon. Love Randy and Family

10-23-2011 1:47 PM -- By: ,  From:  

My friend ... thank you XO

10-19-2011 11:22 PM -- By: Randy,  From: Calif  

Hi KK, I hear your sissy really likes school. You would be getting ready to leave too. How pretty you must be in heaven! When your mom gets there, she might ask if the have prime rib. I know you might have asked if they have hash browns. We all love you down here. Please look out over all of us. Talk to you soon! Love Randy

10-09-2011 7:54 PM -- By: Randy,  From: California  

 Hi KK, your parents just got back from OSU. Your mom and dad had a good time. Im getting ready to do some lesson plans for this week. Hope you come around and say hi. Talk to you soon. Love Randy

10-09-2011 7:16 PM -- By: Becky Kosht,  From: Ashland , Ohio  

Hello KK you are in our thoughts and prayers. so glad that u are in a safe place now and one day you will be with mom and dad again. with out GOD there is no PLACE


08-31-2011 8:24 PM -- By: ,  From:  

randy - thank you for writing to KK ... Hugs

08-29-2011 9:37 PM -- By: Randy,  From: California  


Hi KK, how are you in heaven. Your mom cant wait to see you. Please ask God to help all of us. You would be graduating this year, but you are happy where you are at!! Make sure we all get there! love Randy

08-17-2011 8:33 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Without God, there is NOTHING. With Him, we have EVERYTHING. ♥


08-03-2011 2:56 PM -- By: ,  From:  

‎"Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all." - 2 Thessalonians 3:16

07-26-2011 10:07 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Heavenly Father, walk through my house, take away all my worries, any illnesses, please watch over and heal my family, & comfort my friends in Jesus name, Amen.

07-26-2011 9:53 PM -- By: ,  From:  


07-08-2011 11:24 PM -- By: Randy,  From: California  

Hi KK how are you? Just wanted to drop by and say hi. We think about you a lot. Some day your family will all be together. Do they have good hash browns in heaven? If so I will eat some with you. Have a good day! Randy

05-31-2011 7:44 PM -- By: Randy,  From: Bakersfield  

Hi KK, how are you doing? Your mom and daddy just got back from Oklahoma;your sister is very excited about school. You would be going somewhere too, but I know you are fine where you are. Your mom is getting a new kitchen, and your daddy is working real hard to make it a special place. Please look over your moma; she gets really sad at times. I'll come back soon and visit with you. Love you. Randy

04-07-2011 8:27 PM -- By: Randy,  From: Calif  


 Hi KK, Just wanted to say hi. We are getting ready for Easter. Your mama had her prime rib on her birthday. I cant believe how much your daddy travels; i couldnt do it. Ive been praying for your sister. Im sure you are staying busy. Talk to you soon. Randy

03-19-2011 2:04 PM -- By: Randy,  From: Calif  

Hi KK, today 4 years ago you ascended to your true home. May you ask the Lord to comfort your family; they LOVE YOU so very much. Your mother and father struggle everyday. I wish them peace today. You are not forgotten by any means! Talk to you very soon! Love you. Randy

03-19-2011 1:17 AM -- By: Kris Empringham,  From: Stouffville, Ontario, Canada  

Sending warm wishes of peace and comfort to you and your family Kim today and always. Kris

03-19-2011 12:39 AM -- By: Alan Carnahan,  From: Indianapolis, IN  

Kim and family,

On McKayla's 4th angelversary; I wanted to come by and write a small comment into her guestbook. All those that loved McKayla when she was here, love her, still. The missing and longing for her never ceases, though.

My son, Crawford, will also have his 4th angelversary in less than 2 months. As I have commented on other memorial sites.......2007 sure took a lot of our children. I just see that year.....over and over on memorial sites.

Helping to remember McKayla on this special day......4 years after she went to heaven.

With only memories left of our children.......


03-15-2011 10:47 AM -- By: ,  From: fla.  

Hugz2 heaven pretty angel...

03-15-2011 10:44 AM -- By: ,  From: fla.  

Happy upcoming angel day to you sweet angel kk. I'm so sorry n sad for your loss!

02-13-2011 8:30 PM -- By: Randy,  From: Bakersfield  

Hi KK, I think your got is looking at a new car. Your daddy's been busy working a lot. How are You? I think your sister will do really great at OSU? I heard she wants to date a cowboy. One day you and your momma and daddy will all be together and this will be over- but for Jesus sake it has to be this way right now. Ill be back soon! Love Randy

01-20-2011 11:45 PM -- By: Randy,  From: Bakersfield  

Hi KK, what did you do today? Your mom is planning your run. She loves doing that. Your sister will do great in college. Please look after Jason down here on Earth. Have a great day tomorrow! Love Randy

01-16-2011 9:27 PM -- By: ,  From:  

KK ... sissy is away on a trip for school ... please help keep her safe .. I shall worry until she is back home.

Love u xoxoox

01-11-2011 9:12 PM -- By: MOMMA,  From:  

Hi Baby Girl:

Getting ready for another blizzard ..can't wait. I am a bit weepy this week, more so than usual.

Miss you so much ... love you xoxoxo

01-08-2011 9:09 PM -- By: Rylee Bailey,  From: Milford  

Rest in peace! Heaven only makes room for the best people there are

01-01-2011 7:47 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Happy New Year - baby girl - we are now one year closer ...Missing you like crazy - I ache for  you <3 MISSINGKK <3 MOMMA

12-26-2010 9:21 AM -- By: ,  From:  

 Merry Christmas KK, busy day yesterday for everyone as you can see....we've opened all the presents, seen all the family and friends...still more to see between now and New Years!! I have to girls, Samantha(14) and Stephanie (11). They are my life, and being a parent is the greatest gift in the world. We love our children forever, would do anything for them, and would protect them from anything and everything we could. God Bless your Mom and Dad, they miss you. Your sister, God Bless her, I know I would do anything for my sisters and brothers,24/7. I pray for you all....GOD BLESS.... 


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