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Memorial created 04-16-2007 by
Kim Nesbitt Maureen Geisinger
McKayla W. Geisinger
December 20 1993 - March 19 2007

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12-06-2007 3:25 PM -- By: Ally L,  From:  

Missing and loving you, as always!

Love, Ally

12-06-2007 9:22 AM -- By: ,  From:  

There will come a day when the tears of sorrow will softly flow into tears of remembrance... and your heart will begin to heal itself...and grieving will be interrupted by episodes of joy...and you will hear the whisper of hope. There will come a day when you will welcome the tears of remembrance... as a sunshower of the soul... a turning of the tide... a promise of peace. There will come a day when you will... risk loving... go on believing... and treasure the tears of remembering

12-05-2007 12:47 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

But A Moment

You'll always be my child-I think of you each minute of each day, Even though you must remain so very far away.

A love as strong as this, I've never felt before; But you had to go away-up through heaven's door.

You'll never have to suffer, or feel pain or hate, just peace and love and happiness-God has given you this fate.

I hope that you can feel just how much I care; And, When my days are over, in a flash-I will be there.

Pure unbounding joy! We'll never have to part. You'll be right by my side-And not just in my heart.

But, until that day, when my dream is real- I think I understand, just how I should feel...

"Mom, I am fine!" this must be what you would say- "Please don't be so sad, we'll meet again one day:

I'm with God above - so don't cry for me, Our parting is but a moment compared to eternity."


12-05-2007 12:21 PM -- By: Dear Friend,  From:  

"Figuring out how to live with joy and sorrow sitting side-by-side us in our lives is certainly a long road. Step-by-step, day-by-day. …Keep walking with your friends and facing each day. Think about what brings you strength and pull these memories out during those dark moments you are bound to have. And when that seems impossible, take strength from your friends – we are always here. We will make it through this hurdle, mothers, side-by-side, on this path we have no choice but to walk down. An entire village of friends is beside you.

12-05-2007 12:10 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Loving you my baby girl xoxoxo Mommy

12-04-2007 9:17 PM -- By: Mommy - again,  From:  

JUST LOVE THIS - HONEY - ONE OF MY DAILY SPIRITUAL READINGS - I pray every day that God will be with us as we carry this burden, this cross of not having you here with us ... physically ... oh, my love --- you have no worries .... I daydream at times thinking of all the wonderful people you are with .... we will be going to Midnight Mass .... how I couldn't wait for you and Amanda to experience that spiritual worship .... but you will be there ... in person - won't you baby girl ... loving you and missing you terribly --- your Mom!!!!!

What must you do to have life? Before all else, the first thing you have to do is pray for courage every day to carry the cross the Lord has assigned you. Then let each of you do your own work really well, the work proper to your state, as God wants it, and according to your condition, which means according to the spirit of the Lord. - Blessed Philip Rinaldi

12-04-2007 12:36 AM -- By: Edith from Loving Arms,  From: Phila,PA  

Mo,this is such a nice tribute to McKayla..I know this will be a hard month for u & your family.Know that ur daughter is watching over u & so proud of all u do..The tree is beautiful.. McKayla,stay close to your Mom & share your new found peace w/her.

12-03-2007 11:49 PM -- By: Tina,  From: Maine  

Thank you for visiting my brother Errol(EJay)Harnden Jr's page. I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful daughter. I know the holidays are going to be difficult for you and your family this year, but find peace in remembering that McKayla is watching you all from above, and she id with you always in your hearts ...Tina sister to Errol

12-03-2007 10:41 PM -- By: renee,  From:  

happy upcoming birthday to you! happy holidays too.. my birthday is next week! god bless you always, sweet angel! mommy 2 skye harrison, daughter of maria romanchick both on vm!

12-03-2007 10:28 PM -- By: Elissa Smith,  From: Baton Rouge, LA  

Hi McKayla, I just stopped by to see the tree that your Papa decorated for you. Its so lovely. I know you're enjoying it as you look in on your family let them know you're there. Hugs Ms Elissa Cara's Mom

12-03-2007 10:20 PM -- By: ,  From:  

please don't be sad this season, don't shed any tears! I had such a wonderful life and i finally lost my fears

when you look to the sky and see one stellar star shining down upon you know that i am not far

while the turkey is cooking and the children are playing, i'll be watching from Heaven and for each of your praying

don't regret my life's ending don't feel sad at my passing treasure this holiday season- and know my love is everlasting

holleigh ciardelli tlapa, the cabinet 11-29-07

12-03-2007 3:43 PM -- By: Patricia,  From: Burlington On Canada  

So sorry for your loss of McKayla. I can feel your pain and sorrow. The tears keep flowing. The ache in our hearts feel so empty. May God walk with you through your journey of grief and Jesus carry you at times. I was reading some of your entries on the Guest Book. I know how it hurts to miss them so much. McKayla is one of God's special Angels smiling down on her Mom and Dad. Please remeber my son (Vm John Edward Blake) Blessings Patricia

12-03-2007 9:48 AM -- By: ,  From:  

If Your Knew by Steven Kinworthy

If you knew where I am standing If you could see the sights I see If you could hear the angels singing The songs they sing eternally If you knew the One I'm holding Could see the smile He smiles at me If you knew where I am resting You would not cry for me

I'm resting in the arms of Jesus No other place would I rather be So if you shed a tear Please don't shed it for me For if you knew where I am resting You would not cry for me

12-02-2007 1:49 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Whispers from Heaven

Written By Marilyn Ferguson

They say that life is fleeting I know that this is true I left this world so quickly With no goodbye to you.

I know how much you miss me Your tears fall ever light The pillow where you lay your head Is wet with them at night.

I know your heart is hurting The words we left, unsaid I love you’s, left unspoken Are spinning in your head.

The strength that I have carried That served to make you whole Remains to make you stronger Within your grieving soul.

For you see, while you were weeping On the day I passed away At the gravesite near the flowers Where my loved ones knelt to pray.

An angel came to see me She took me by the hand She led me to a kingdom In a very distant land.

As I look down from heaven And see you standing there Your heart so ever burdened With more grief than it can bear.

I long to bring you comfort I long to give you peace I long to hold you closely Cause all your tears to cease.

The joy I’ve found in heaven Goes far beyond compare The love that’s so elusive Can be found here everywhere.

The light is softly shining There’s no storm clouds here or rain There’s no teardrops found in heaven There’s no suffering, there’s no pain.

You needn’t be so troubled Stay close to God and pray That someday we’ll be together One bright and glorious day.

So my love, you shouldn’t question My dear you need not cry I’ve gone to be with Jesus I really didn’t die.

12-02-2007 1:07 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Hi Beautiful:

Struggling today -- first Sunday of Advent. I thought today during church - how you and Amanda would fight over who was going to light our Advent Wreath.

No wreath this year .... no decorations .... we will have a Blue Christmas .... kind of dreading it honey ...

I truly AM. Sure - it is Jesus Birthday and we will make sure that we center our day on him. I think I will even buy him a Birthday Cake this year ...

We stopped by McKayla's Place after Mass today. Bought you a wreath. We took Ginny's tree home until after the storm (having a N'Easter) - and I don't want it to get buried!

Loving you - heading out for my walk ...

I am struggling KK ... very much - please SHINE YOUR LIGHT ON ME xoxoxo Your Mommy who misses you everytime I take a breathe! xoxoxoxoxoxo

12-01-2007 12:27 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

missing you terribly xoxoxoxo

11-30-2007 3:25 PM -- By: Amelia Parent,  From: Mont Vernon  

Hey KK, it's been over nine months since that tragic day, and i'm slowly getting over the loss. I miss you so much! Everyday, when i go to school, I always wonder what would everything be like if you were still with us.

A few months ago, before rec soccer ended, I remember standing on the field, and the only thing I thought about was you. The game we played that day, we won, and I dedicated all of my shots, saves, and goals to you.

Missing you with every smile, laugh, hope, and dreams, love Amelia

11-30-2007 8:21 AM -- By: Deb Curran,  From: AMS  

It was nice to read the letter from Fr. Rich. i am so glad that he wrote as we thought, too what a remarkable man he is. He said that he had returned to that area after being away for years. Sometimes you just know the right person is in the right place at the needed time. That was he and he left an indelible mark on me, too.

You are so loved McKayla and I now see you Aunt at choir. She said you taught to just do and not wait because if you wait, it might be too late. I love having her there - she sits next to me-.

You are very much missed, more than can be explained. \Mrs. C.

11-29-2007 11:43 PM -- By: A family friend,  From: Amherst  

Dear Moe, Greg, and Amanda I was speaking about all of you today to friends at work - people who don't know you, but who ask me frequently how you are doing.

I know you are entering the most difficult and dark days yet - please know that we (myself and many who you don't even know - like my friends at work) are praying that you will have the strength to get through these days, as you have gotten through the days before. I am also praying that our Lord will bless you with even a few peaceful moments - and with those dreams of your beautiful KK that you so long for.

Love, Your friend

11-29-2007 8:06 PM -- By: Isabella,  From:  

The shock isn't me hitting me as hard 8 months later(i might have done my math wrong). But I still keep on thinking I'll see you at school. 8th grade is amazing. I wish you were here with your friends that miss you so much. I'm speaking for all the 8th graders at AMS.

Love ya,


11-29-2007 8:01 AM -- By: Elissa Smith,  From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana  

Hi McKayla,

Through your mama I feel like I know you. Its hard to let go of the physical... harder for those left behind than for you have gone on ahead... Please reach out and let your mama know your spirit goes on... Hugs to You and I hope you'll go share them with my baby Cara... Ms Elissa Cara's Mom

11-28-2007 10:20 PM -- By: Debbie H.,  From: Myrtle Beach, SC. USA  

McKayla, My heart breaks for your sweet Mother, Moe, and all your loved ones still here to survive you leaving them. We know you are flying high like the Angel you are! God Bless all that suffer your loss! Loving prayers and hugs to you and all of them! Another Mom that has lost her child, Debbie H. from LovingArms group

11-28-2007 10:13 PM -- By: Janis, Bethany's Mom,  From: TN  

McKayla, You are such a beautiful young lady. Send your mom and all of your family some special love. They all miss you so. God bless you Geisinger family. Janis from Loving Arms

11-28-2007 6:51 AM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Ache for you baby girl. I (we) miss you so much ... SHINE YOUR LIGHT ON US Ok? xoxo

11-26-2007 8:02 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Hi Honey:

A friend of mine has just had a miscarriage ....Elisabeth Hope Warhank .... I am sure you are there ... for her mom and dad have been with us right from the beginning of our horrible loss of you.

Shine you light on us honey .... be with Elisabeth .... we know that you both have no worries ....

Honey - I miss you so much and I can't stop crying ... please come to me in my dreams ...everyone else is dreaming about you ... but me ...

Hug Elisabeth for me will you xooxxoxo


11-26-2007 8:26 AM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Hi Honey:

Very sad Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend. The lonliness for you is deafening.

We aren't decorating for Christmas - we aren't even celebrating it .... Papa did put up a tree for you in the backyard .. and put only white lights. He went out on our 'traditiona' day we got our tree.

Nana said they were putting up a tree in their appartment - but other than that - Daddy doesn't want any decorations.

We are grieving for your so much McKayla - it actually hurts.

Lonely for you,

xoxoxo Mommy

11-26-2007 7:02 AM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Shine your light on me honey - please ... please honey ..xoxoxo

11-25-2007 9:40 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Will You Be...?

If by sad chance you were to die before me, Will you be the echo that reverberates from my screams?

Will you be the tear, that trickles down my face, when I hear the news that you have left this world?

Will you be the breeze that quietly pulls at my shade, when I am lying in bed thinking of you?

Will you be the presence that extinquishes the flickering candle's flame?

Will you be the chill, that proliferates my body, as goose-flesh runs up and down my spine?

Will you be that phone call, that when I answer it, there's a static silence on the other end?

Will you be the rain drops that pitter patter on my windowsill during a spring shower?

And during a raging storm, will you be that thunderbolt that startles me? Will you be the lightening that illuminates the sky?

Will you be the frost that freezes on my windshield? If I were to trace the pattern of the frost-flakes, would it, or could it spell out your name?

Will you be the rainbow, with its bold colors embossed upon the ubiquitous sky?

Will you be the flower, that blooms--earlier than it should--toward the end of a long, cold winter?

Will you be the firey-hued leaf, that spirals down toward me, one autumn day?

Will you be that knowing glance, as a stranger saunters by?

Will you be the melody that escapes from a wind-chime, on a still, windless night?

Will you be that recurring dream, that invades my slumber, during my fitfull nights?

Will you be the book, that inexplainably falls from its place upon the book-case?

Will you be the force behind the waves, as I walk in meditation on the balmy beach?

Will you be the moon, the stars, the celestial universe that blankets the sky at night?

If, by sad chance, you were to die before me, will you be my guiding light?

11-25-2007 5:41 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Aching for you so much honey - the sadness just envelopes me ... I can't even think of anything that I am looking forward to - and that makes me so lonely.

Loving you and missing you oh so terribly xoxoxox Mommy

11-24-2007 2:11 PM -- By: Michelle Contos,  From: Amherst, NH  

"And in the end, it's not the years in a life, it's the life in the years."

Hey Kayla, Missing you so much, but i know it's nothing next to what your mom, dad, and Amanda are going through. i saw that quote above when i went for a dentist appointment the other day and nearly started crying when i remembered where i had seen that before; on the paper they gave everyone at your funeral. Please help your family have a good tyme even without you during the holidays. Amelia, Nick, Harry, Kim, and i went to visit you on Halloween, your grave is so beautiful! While we were there, a woman came by and kissed all of us on the head and said "God bless you.", it was so nice of her, we don't even know who she was. We all started talking about you, and about that horrible day. It felt good to talk about it, but it felt even better to listen to everyone else talking about it and realize i wasn't alone at all in what i've been feeling. A little over 8 months now, and it's almost your birthday. I still pass by the quilt we made in honour of you last year every day at school, even though it's not near any of my classes. Missing you and loving you (just like everyone else!) -Michelle


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